Hale/Weslager Genealogies
compiled by Edd Hale

This web site is dedicated to the Hale and Weslager Families of America. What you will find here are approximately 360 names of people related to these families. Any name marked "Private" means that person is still living and personal information will not appear for obvious reasons.

When you see the little camera ( camera ) next to a person's name, click it to see addition photos and/or documents.

The Hale branch dates back to a Thomas Hale, born 1798. Little is known about him but we do know that he left a small fortune that seems to have been squandered by his wife and unscrupulous lawyers. This led to a court battle over the inheritance which, in the end, was gone.

The Weslager side of the genealogy starts with the name as it appeared in Europe on the German/Austrian/Polish border. The spelling seems to have been variously recorded as Wollschläger, Wolszleier, Wolsleier, and Wollschlaeger . The Weslager spelling first appears with August Weslager (Wollschlaeger) sometime between 1852 and 1900. Supposedly, a school teacher made him change it to a more "Americanized" name. If your name is Weslager, you ARE related to all other Weslagers as this name was literally invented for and/or by this family.

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